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For You

​If you were a tune, what would you sound like?

I aim to make a personal theme for you, original music to give you a spark – a good feeling – each time you hear it - to make you smile, feel stronger, maybe want to dance, or to lift your spirits.


You might find yourself laughing - just thinking about how - so strangely - that music feels like you.

I need to know something about your nature or temperament. For the crazy way I do that, please read the Questions on the order page for Personal Themes.

The answers to these harmless questions are clues for me to write your music.

By the way, if anyone can think of another way to do this, please email me.

There are lots of ways you might use a personal theme ...

Perhaps you could use your music for your own podcasts, or on a website.

What about as a wake up alarm?

Blue Bee also makes custom ringtones for your mobile phone (cell phone).

You might like to order music to help baby go to sleep. A run time on that would help, as some babies need more time to unwind and relax.

You might like to give a Theme as a gift to someone you care about. If you do, you will need to get their responses to those same questions. Those answers give me something to work with, despite how crazy that may seem.

Someone you love may be recovering, and a little tune might give them a real lift in their spirits. Let me know some of the circumstances, it helps to give that person the best.

Maybe you'd like a theme to celebrate a Milestone in your life.  I need to know how long you would like that music to run.

For any of these purposes, please make sure you include any information that matters when you send an email to Blue Bee. This includes if you want a certain audio format.

You will be kept up to date by email if there are any delays, but I will email you as soon as possible to give you a calendar date for delivery.


That delivery will be audio file to your email, unless the audio file is too large, and then we will set up a Dropbox connection to transfer the file.


I schedule all work from the time an order arrives.

That way, you will have a secure place in the queue, and you will always get your music.

You may wonder why there are no music samples on this website. The reason is simple - I want everyone who comes to Blue Bee to get a true surprise.

Music is among the most personal experiences we have - I want to keep it that way.

This is a new venture, and in time the comments people make will be added to the website, with that customer's permission - also, if a client loves their music, I will feature a sample on the site.

Writing music takes a lot of mental energy.


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