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A Tune




​If you were a tune, what would you sound like?

I aim to make a personal theme for you, original music to give you a spark – a good feeling – each time you hear it - to make you laugh, smile, feel stronger, make you want to dance, or to be your personal marching song to lift your spirits.

This kind of composing calls for some co-operation and some sharing between the subject and the musician.

I need to know something about your inner world.

So, when you Order, you will get some guide Questions in your email. I hope these are fun for you.


You need to answer these in your reply to Blue Bee.

​You also need to say how you want to use your tune. I need to know your purpose so I can work out how long the music has to run.

You can think of other ideas, but perhaps you could use your music for your podcast, or website, as a wake up alarm or as a ringtone on your mobile (cell) phone -  or maybe as your doorbell chime.


You might like to order music to help a baby sleep, or give a theme as a gift to someone you care about. If you do, you will need to get their responses to the questions.


Maybe you'd like a theme to celebrate a milestone in your life. 

You will be kept up to date by email if there are any delays. 


You will have a secure place in the queue, and you will always get your music!


Order Form -
Part payment saves your
place in the Blue Bee queue
To order is $50 Australian with a
further $50 before delivery.
Total theme cost $100 Australian.


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