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Flower for a Bee
Flower for a Bee
Flower for a Bee


Flower for a Bee

​If Movies and TV Shows and even products can have a theme tune - why can't a person have their own theme?


So, if you were Music, what would you sound like?

Music is personal, even intensely so, and can have a major effect on a person's emotional well-being.It's also a great motivator for movement, dance and other exercise.


Music is of the spirit. It is referenced as the beginning of creation in many beliefs.


Knowing that music has healing potential, can give fresh energy, can instill calm, and can assist mental clarity and focus - well, all of this combines for the possibility to give someone a special experience - and makes what I do so worthwhile.

Making a personal theme for you is no simple task. It takes consideration and thought, working from theory, staying open to chance and the mystery of inspiration.

So how does someone come up with music about a particular person?

I hope I have hit on a way to do that, simply but also powerfully.


You will find some questions below. These might not seem like much, but they will certainly help me.

The answers to these questions are clues for me to write your music.

Your answers are kept in confidence, and I hope you can see they are "what if" type questions and are otherwise harmless.

You could make a gift of a theme to someone who means a lot to you, for any personal reason. If so, you might like to get their answers to the questions on this site, to give me something to work with. That need not be difficult - just ask them - these are silly questions but fun.

Someone you love may be recovering from an illness or accident, and a tune just for them might give them a lift in their spirits.

Here's how I handle orders: to protect you and me.

I use PayPal exclusively - it's professional and secure and I trust PayPal after many years of good service.

This means you get an email from me to show we have a deal.

I need half the cost up front to cover my costs, and when your theme is done, I will email you to advise your music is ready. Then, after you pay the second half, I will email the completed audio file to you.

This website is the only access for our agreement. Any other platform operates as advertising only and cannot be used to order music.

This website operates through, and I am satisfied with their security to protect you and me. As you can see below, this site was created long enough to test it out carefully.

And the busy actions will happen mostly through your own email provider - so all should be secure.

For any of these purposes, please make sure you include any information that matters when you send an email to Blue Bee - the Blue Bee Theme Music email address is there below.

Please tell me your answers to the questions, and, if you need a certain audio format or audio quality.

Please make sure you use an active and current email address for you.

Here's why:

You will be kept up to date by email if there are any delays, but I will email you as soon as possible to give you a calendar date for delivery.

The delivery will be an audio file sent to your email, unless the audio file is too large, and then we will set up a Dropbox connection to transfer the file.

I schedule all work from the time an order arrives. This way I can work on orders in a sequence, fairly, and everyone keeps their place in the queue.

And this way, you will have a secure place in the queue, and you will always get your music.

This is a new business, so in time I hope to put my music samples on this website - and also to add comments from customers - their honest reactions to Blue Bee Theme Music.

Music is among the most personal experiences we have - I want to keep it that way.

This website connects to a Facebook page, and there's your chance to tell the world what you think and feel concerning Blue Bee Theme Music.


I will not annoy anyone with unnecessary email or newsletters or offers.

However, if you want to contact Blue Bee Theme Music at any time, please use email to the address below.

Writing evocative music takes a lot of mental energy, so if I get overwhelmed, I will let you know, together with a calendar date for when you can expect your Theme Music to be with you.

A word on your personal information.

This business has no need to know anything about you other than your correct current email address.


I have no intention whatsoever to divulge even that to any other party, for any reason.

Please see the Privacy Policy.

I want to thank you for working with Blue Bee Theme Music, and truly hope you love your tune.


My success is a happy customer because making music that pleases is what matters most.



Flower for a Bee

WHEN you have answers to the questions below, please email them to me and then make half-payment ($50 Australian) using the PayPal button below.

I will email you the delivery date for your music, and then email you a second time when your music is ready.

Then, after you make a second payment of $50 Australian using the PayPal button, I will email you your Blue Bee Theme Music.

Please make sure to use your current and correct email address.

Whereabouts in the world did you grow up?

(You can say City or Country if you do not want to name a place).

Is there Somewhere you have not lived but would like to?

What is your favorite Season of the year?

What is your favorite time of Day?

Do you prefer Moonlight or Sunlight?

Do you prefer Wild weather or Calm weather?

Do you like to Dance and, if so, what is your favorite Tempo?

Do you feel better in a City crowd, or alone in Nature?

If you swim, would you prefer to swim in a Lake, or in the Ocean, or in a swimming Pool?

If you had only One Color to wear, what would it be?

Do you keep a Diary, a Journal, or a Blog?

Is there a Bird, Animal, Insect or Sea Creature which inspires you?

When you cook, do you follow a Recipe, go it alone, or let someone else cook for you?

Flower for a Bee
Flower for a Bee
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