Nobody else will have this tune and it will belong to you. Answering the following questions will help Blue Bee to help you - we do not keep your answers or allow anyone else to have them. This is one useful way to write better music that fits you ( fingers crossed).



Where in the world did you grow up?

Is there somewhere you have not lived but would like to?

What is your favourite season of the year?

What is your favourite time of day?

Do you prefer moonlight or sunlight?

Do you prefer wild weather or calm weather?

If you like to dance, what is your favourite tempo?

Do you feel better in a city crowd, or alone in nature?

If you swim, do you prefer a lake, a river, the ocean or a pool?

If you had one colour to wear, what would it be?

Do you keep a diary, a journal, or a blog?

Is there a bird, animal, insect or sea creature that inspires you?

Please name it.

When you cook, do you follow a recipe or go it alone from scratch?

My Theme Tune